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Founded in 2003 by Chef Art Smith and artist Jesus Salgueiro, Common Threads has been teaching children living in underserved communities how to cook wholesome, healthy meals in professional led, curriculum-based after-school programs for 10 years. Students learn about grains, protein, fruits, and vegetables as they chop, slice, and bake their way to a healthy affordable meal. Students gain serious culinary skills, a taste for healthy food from different countries, and the confidence to make healthy choices about what they eat.

Common Threads began out of our love for family and good food, two basic ingredients that link all people of this world together. Family nurtures us, protects us, and connects us to a larger community. Food nourishes us, excites us, and teaches us about the world around us.

In 2013, Common Threads is taking bold steps to use the kitchen as a catalyst for change. We are launching a nationwide effort to get one million kids cooking in the next five years.


Through collaboration with other childhood health organizations, food industry experts, policy makers and influencers, Common Threads will create substantive, far-reaching programs that will address the national issue of childhood wellness and obesity.

"Our world is a large quilt and its people are the fabric – colorful swatches of beautifully woven material – all joined together by these common threads: family and food."
- Art Smith, Co-Founder

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