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Nutrition education & skill development


Peer relationships & adult mentors


Community experiences


Kids cooking for life

Student Programs

Small Bites

This in- or after-school program teaches PK-8th grade students about nutrition and healthy cooking through a series of eight lessons combining nutrition and knife-free cooking. The lessons are taught by a trained classroom teacher and support Common Core State Standards in math and English. The lessons give students the opportunity to connect math, language arts and science concepts to hands-on experiences that provide tools to live longer, healthier lives. Graduates of this class will be able to make their own healthy snacks at home!

Garden Curriculum

An additional eight one-hour lessons per grade are available to extend nutrition education into an active school or community garden! The garden lessons focus on where food comes from and further strengthens science connections.

Cooking Skills & World Cuisine

This 3rd-8th grade program engages students’ tastes and minds. This global class explores the culture and cuisine of 10 countries. In the kitchen, young chefs learn how to follow a recipe, prepare and cook ingredients and always leave the kitchen as clean as they found it! This class challenges students to use a wide variety of cooking equipment and ensures that they know how to safely and effectively use each tool, including chef’s knives, graters, peelers, stoves and ovens. Graduates of this program are able to cook a balanced healthy meal. Basic and advanced levels are available.

Parent & Family Programs

Family Cooking Classes

These classes bring students and parents together through cooking. Partners are able to choose from the following focus areas: 1) Breakfast: Getting a Healthy Start; 2) Family Meals Made Easy; 3) Restaurant Meals You Can Make at Home.

Parent Workshops

This program engages parents and encourages healthy eating habits at home and in the community at large. Topics include basic nutrition, grocery shopping and cooking with kids. The workshops have flexible formatting that allows them to be incorporated into other parent-related programs like parents meetings, school wellness council events and

Grocery Store Tours

This chef-guided tour takes place at a local grocery store and engages parents on how to economically buy healthy foods.

Teacher Programs & Professional Development

Healthy Teacher Trainings

This professional development empowers educators to be healthy role models by teaching basic nutrition and healthy cooking through classroom-based activities.

Teacher Cooking Classes

This hands-on cooking class focuses on nutrition concepts and healthy, simple recipes for busy teachers. Fee-based and grant-based program options are available. Please email classes@commonthreads.org for more information.”