“I like cooking because it's about
coming together and being like a family…
It's about helping one another.
And we come together as friends.”

– Sakiya, Common Threads student

what we do

Our End Game: America’s Kids Cooking for Life!

Through our cooking and nutrition programs and curriculum, we help prevent childhood obesity and reverse the trend of generations of non-cookers, while celebrating our cultural differences and the things people all over the world have in common.

At Common Threads, we bring our family-centric, hands-on program model with proven results to kitchens in low-income, urban communities across America. Our unique approach empowers children to eat healthy, make sustainable behavior changes, and celebrate culture through food.

Cooking Our Way Out of the Obesity Crisis:

In 2016-17, Common Threads:

Using researched-based curriculum that is tied to national Common Core standards, Common Threads is approved to work within school districts, making it possible to meet kids where they need us—where they live, learn and play. Our lessons are taught by trained professionals and experts in their fields, and our approach focuses on the critical peer relationships and adult mentorship that shape our youth. Through our programs, children experience positive adult interactions and a safe environment in which to learn the relationship between decisions and outcomes. Our community-based adult volunteers support students through the process of cooking and serve as a model for teamwork and social skill building.

We also focus on building a school-wide culture of health with our partners. Teachers, parents and community members have experienced the power of Common Threads' programming, and we have become a trusted leader in the school districts we serve. Common Threads continues to participate in local district vetting processes to ensure high-quality and policy-aligned programming. Common Threads curricula has received independent endorsement and support from a number of organizations and institutions, including but not limited to: