“Our world is a large quilt
and its people are the fabric -
colorful swatches of beautifully
woven material – all joined together
by these common threads:
family and food.”
– Art Smith, Co-Founder

who we are


Common Threads is a national nonprofit that provides children and families cooking and nutrition education to encourage healthy habits that contribute to wellness. We equip under-resourced communities with information to make affordable, nutritious and appealing food choices wherever they live, work, learn, and play. We know that food is rooted in culture and tradition so we promote diversity in our lessons and recipes, encouraging our participants to celebrate the world around them.


Common Threads aspires to build communities that embrace healthy cooking, healthy eating and celebration of culture.


Common Threads is a passionate team of problem solvers and learners driven by the desire to help build healthy, self-sustaining communities. Our approach is earnest, but not always conventional. We are intentional, but also entrepreneurial. Our work is experiential, with a desire for our lessons to complement and enhance learning. We are proud of our work, and humbled to be a part of communities across the country.

COMMITMENT: We are committed to teaching children and families about selecting ingredients to cook meals and snacks that are nutritious; bringing joy to families; and celebrating our diversity of culture with a global perspective on recipes and food. We design programs that create multi-generational nutrition ambassadors.

RESULTS: We invest in research and evaluation that demonstrates our programs’ influence and impact in schools and communities. Our research builds evidence that identifies our contributions toward improving quality of life outcomes for children and their families.

RESPECT: We embrace diversity, act with humility, and celebrate the strengths, creativity and perspectives of all individuals.

HONESTY & INTEGRITY: We always engage others in the ways we would like to be treated ourselves, whether sharing a meal or a story. We practice the important components of building genuine relationships: trust, honesty, and integrity in action.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: We continuously improve our strategies and decision-making based on the data we collect and our interactions with participants and partners.

TEAMWORK: We are a team of individuals who bring a variety of strengths and perspectives, working together toward a common goal. We support and celebrate one another, working every day to build a culture that fosters personal happiness and professional fulfillment.

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